The gallery Kleindienst is made up of three rooms, which are proportionally quite high in relation to the floor surface. This structure offered the opportunity of transforming the rooms into images that can be walked into. Two rooms lie facing one another, and are contrarily poled by the wall-filling paintings that are found in them.

The green column room, based on a continuing matrix structure finds its extension outside in the spring green trees before the gallery windows. The matte black shadow sides of the column structure serve to open a space beyond the gallery wall, which on the one hand seems deep in the walls, on the other hand due to the strong bright-dark contrast seems quite near.

The neighboring room with the bridge construction opens a wide view into airy spheres. The walls are closed at the ceiling in a slight arch. The paintings thus seem astonishingly light. They were seemingly raised in height and sucked in the direction of the room’s ceiling.

Here as well, we worked with a mixture of beeswax and oil paint on paper strips, each 130 cm wide with a height of 330 cm.

Einladungskarte für die Ausstellung
green room bridge
photograph: Matthias Knoch, Leipzig