Since besides our painting both of us work in the tradition of art books, this exhibit project resulted in an optimal symbiosis for designing a book.
We invited the authors Meghan Hickey, Tanja Langer und Andrew Patner to participate in the book project. With the exception of the text by Stanislaw Lem, the texts were written especially for the catalogue, and the authors developed the texts to the concept of the exhibit. Stansilaw Lem’s backhanded and humorous story was furthermore a starting point of the developing the idea “Architecture of Mind.”

In the linear sequence characteristic of the book as medium, the images and texts were rhythmically interlaced with one another. They deal with time and the perception of transformations, be they in reality or in a dream. The simultaneity and the rhythm, produced merely by the sequence of pages, appear like a trip on a Lemmian ship through space and time. Enriched with multiple biographies, bound together in the structure of the container (book), it evidences the ambivalence in our brains, with all the dark as well as light zones of our memory.
The design of the pages influenced the conception of the exhibition, and vice versa.

editor: ACC Galerie Weimar
publishing house: Glaux Verlag, Jena; 2002
format: 21 cm x 24 cm, 72 pages, 1000 copies,
Offset 4/1 and 4/4 color, Paperback, Fadenheftung